Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What to Watch Out for Men Casual Wear in this summer

Clothing for work, especially in regard to offices, business transactions, has changed quite a while now. It is a fact that is no longer necessary to use a coat and tie to be smart. There are many options and combination, accompanied by appropriate accessories that you can take and still be stylish.

There is an expression in English, literally "business casual" can be translated to Spanish saying something like "executive but casual." But it's worth being clear on what fits the style parameters, to avoid errors and above all to preserve the taste.

For example, there are ways to wear a suit without looking like you're going to a wedding.


The trick is to clarify the suit has a bit of color underneath, for example blue, indigo, beige, or purple. This revives the color of the dress and adds a personal touch.

As for the men fashion shirts, the basic concept is that the less conspicuous the better. Opt for a plain shirt, but if you do not like, I suggest you try out the scratches.

For the coldest days, if it coats and divers, I recommend you have in your wardrobe a Bleiz or jacket of blue cloth. With this, rest assured that you'll always well dressed either to the days of coat and tie or those that will informal.

Maintain discretion and elegance, having your garments spotless. You could have the best designer clothes but impact would be terrible, if you use soiled or frayed. Watch these details, because believe me women do not ever forgive.

Like wearing jeans?

Mens fashion jeans are so popular today that you can find them everywhere, are central to the style as it is casual business attire, but we must take into account:

Can Match Your Favorite Tie With Jeans?

For your jeans are the perfect garment must include a good range of tones, you can combine a classic jeans with a dark blue dress shirt and a light-colored sports jacket. A blue jeans usually paler look great with a dark jacket or blazer.

But do not just blue jeans. The black jeans can be a lifesaver on a trip. Under a sport coat, give you entrance to many places where blue jeans have no place. At home, are a nice change of pace, especially if you want to look like a bohemian. Just keep your poetry to yourself. 

Do not make the common mistake of wearing a shirt with loose sleeves at the opening of a gallery. If the occasion is something serious, tight sleeves used (sample those biceps.) The shirts are going to wear under sport coats should have a bit of lycra or spandex, which makes it a bit to fit your torso.

If you're wearing tight jeans, wear a loose shirt to avoid "sausage?. Conversely, if your jeans are a little loose, wearing a shirt a little tighter to avoid the appearance of bin of dirty laundry.

The jeans must be worn with shoes with a matte finish and a thicker sole than dress shoes. For times lower in the scale of formality, wear shoes with thick soles, perhaps something like a boot or booty to scale with contrasting stitching or jumping. But if you're wearing jeans to a cocktail, climbs the ladder of sophistication with suede shoes or loafers. The jeans look best with a wide belt buckle has a flat, heavier than a formal.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Unique Wedding Rings

Unique wedding rings may be the smallest item purchased for the wedding but they carry the most significance; they are the one, long lasting aspect of the marriage and needs to be chosen carefully. It may take a while to find the right ones but this is not a bad thing; you will know the ring for you as soon as you discover it. When you are choosing your wedding rings you need to make sure you choose a jeweler that has quality rings; if possible avoid one of the jewelers chains situated in shopping malls everywhere as it is unlikely anything unique will be found there.

Although you will undoubtedly find you can buy this type of ring in a mall jewelers; they may not have the range or the quality of a specialist. Using a specialist should also make it easier when you are trying to find a ring that works well with the engagement ring so the two do not conflict.

Couples should not purchase wedding rings that overpower the engagement ring as these rings are meant to be understated; some jewelers are able to provide rings that were designed to match. The best way to do this is by trial and error, having the wedding band placed alongside the engagement ring.

Fashions in rings come and go but the traditional metals including: (1) Titanium, (2) Yellow Gold, (3) White Gold and (4) Silver; although, increasing numbers of couples are choosing the longer lasting platinum. For men, durability is a contributing factor and why platinum is so effective. The number of men carrying out manual tasks is still greater than women; they are still the ones most likely to cause damage to their ring.

To ensure both wedding rings fit on the wedding day, it will be necessary to have both of them re-sized correctly; you really don't want the rings to fit poorly after all the planning that has taken place. Neither ring should be so tight that they require lubrication to put them on or take them off; just as in the same way they can be so loose they can be easily lost.

It is not uncommon for couples to leave having the rings adjusted until close to the wedding day; this can cause the jeweler problems because he may have others to adjust for the same day, so allow plenty of time for this. Choosing wedding bands you will both like and that match the engagement ring may take some time; allow for this as it is not uncommon for couples to choose in haste and then regret their decision later.

There isn't a stronger symbol of two people's love than the wedding ring; there isn't a stronger symbol of the love two people share.

Hot Summer Fashion Trend - Nautical Fashion Trend

Hottest Summer Trend

Nautical fashion will be one of the hottest trends this summer! Nautical trends looks crisp, clean, classy and elegant. It's tres difficult to go wrong! The classic, clean lines look fabulous on many silhouettes and is a great look for warm weather anywhere.

Although the nautical trend has been around in the past, this year is a bit different. Think exclusive cruise or yacht club more so than the Navy. Integrate some of the bold or subtle pieces into your wardrobe this summer.

Dolce & Gabbana


Blu Girl

Nautical Fashion Trend: Think Stipes

Stripes are very often feared and sometimes a bit tricky to pull off. So it makes sense that most fashion experts generally tell their clients to 'stay away'! While stripes can look tacky, outdated and can even make a woman look larger, when done properly, stripes can look absolutely fantastic.

Horizontal stripes can be a bit tricky, so for wider gals, go for a vertical stripe. I'm loving the classic navy blue and crisp white stripes and even the super bold red ones! If choosing to wear horizontal stripes, go for a narrow to medium thickness stripe. Too thick of stripes will not only make you look thicker, but super out-dated. Lastly, don't go stripes crazy. If there are stripes on your shirt, do not do a striped pant, jacket and shoes!

Trend Les Copains

Trend Les Copains

Jean-Paul Gaultier

Anchors and Sailor Pants

For nautical outfits this season, you will see anchors and sailor pants everywhere. Sailor pants are universally flattering and completely elongate the legs! The little buttons are adorable with being too costume-y. (Assuming one doesn't add on too many 'theme' accessories) Anchors will also be prevalent this summer. They're a cute but glamorous touch to add onto any nautical outfit. Just be sure not to overload on the cutesy patterns as that will over-do the look.

Celeb Kiera Knightly sports Anchor pants!

Anchor Pants

Hottest Summer TrendNautical fashion will be one of the hottest trends this summer! Nautical trends looks crisp, clean, classy and elegant. It's tres difficult to go wrong! The classic, clean lines look fabulous on many silhouettes and is a great look for warm weather anywhere.

Although the nautical trend has been around in the past, this year is a bit different. Think exclusive cruise or yacht club more so than the Navy. Integrate some of the bold or subtle pieces into your wardrobe this summer.

Chanel Stripe Bracelet

Moschino Flats

Luxury Watch

Sailor Earrings

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sneaker of the Week: Converse New Chuck Taylor Sneaker

Converse debuts new version of the Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Jacket sneaker with Schott leather.

With deep roots in American style and culture, the Schott NYC jacket and the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe have led somewhat parallel lives. Converse began in 1908 and Schott in 1913 and as the part of the 20th Century unfolded, Chuck Taylor All Star shoes were unveiled and quickly became nearly ubiquitous in American life. Not long before Chuck Taylor added his name to the already then famous All Star shoe, in 1928, Schott unveiled the first motorcycle jacket ever. Named the “Perfecto”, by the 1950s, the jacket had become a symbol of the new rebellion that was taking hold with the burgeoning teen culture that arose after the War.

Referenced in classic film and television— the uniform of the rock and roller, the hoodlum and the rebel often wore a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes and a black Schott Perfecto leather jacket. Likewise, as the punk rock movement swept the streets of downtown New York City and beyond, a Schott leather jacket and a pair of Chucks became synonymous with the scene. Today, both Schott and Converse connect with the American spirit and represent the individualism that both brands have embodied throughout the decades.

Mating the original motorcycle jacket design with the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe, Converse and Schott developed a sneaker that showcases the best of both labels, including heavy-duty rear zip entry, zips under the laces and a patchwork of motorcycle jacket leather. Further details include quilted lining, snaps on the tongue, a leather rand, and the Schott label sewn discreetly inside the shoe. 

Source: highsnobiety

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mens Fashion Week: Lanvin Fall 2011 Collection

If there were something which other fashion designers might learn from the house of Lanvin, it would be in which not anything keeps a roomful of jaded show-goers pleased as if warm espresso and nice treats. This seems easy, however just a little goes a very long way.

Easy luxury is at the heart of a Lanvin collection - a cashmere turtleneck poking out from beneath a shirt collar, or a flowing silk suit - but there was something buttoned up, almost stern, in a knee-length coat tied tightly at the waist with rope, or a suit jacket fastened just that bit too snug.

"Where there is tension, there is energy," declared Lanvin menswear designer Lucas Ossendrijver after the show, "and this collection was really about that tension. A classic loafer and then an extreme hiking boot, or luxury tailoring mixed with sportswear. We tried to find the hybrid."