Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Will You Design Your Own T-shirt?

Yes, is men t-shirt again! If you are fed up of buying a T-shirt which it seems that every other person you see is wearing, good news is that clearly shows you have bought a fashionable one. However if you want to stand out from the crowd and perhaps make a fashion statement then perhaps you should consider designing your own T-shirt.

You’ve probably seen outlets that allow you to do just this when you have been on holiday, but for one reason or another you didn’t find the time to venture into the shop. Now you can create your own design and have it incorporated into a T-shirt for you online.

Some sites have design templates which you can start off with, you choose a T-shirt from one of their designs and customize a template. You can use clipart or you can have a design copied for you from a photograph. You need to think about how many colors your design will need, (4 are usual but less is cheaper) which colors you want and the style of T-shirt. You can get T-shirts made to your design for under $20, but again it depends on your choice of design.

You can also get iron-on designs, but these will probably not last as long as designs that are printed on the fabric. Some sites online offer you next day delivery and allow you to draw your own design online or to upload photographs or to use templates and describe what you want. You don’t have to be an artist to design your own T-shirt .

It’s not just T-shirts that you can have your own designs printed on either, hoodies are popular as well as jeans and numerous other accessories. You can start with free clipart designs and add your own comment, and choose the font you want on your T-shirt.

You can say whatever your want on your T-shirt as the design companies do not censor comments. You can be cute, cheeky, flirty or downright obnoxious; whatever best goes with your character, or your mood.

So what are you waiting for? Go online and design the T-shirt you have always wanted, but never been able to find in the shops.

The Killer Shades Outside Grand Palais

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What are Top 5 Men Leather Accessories in 2011?

Leather is strong and durable and the fashion accessories for men in 2011 have utilized prime cowhide for belts, bags, tri-fold wallets and shoes and sandals. There are also really comfortable suede leather shoes which come in a range of colors and which are fun to wear. Some designers have come up with colored bags which look more like bags for females than men and have prompted some adverse comments (Balenciaga for example) but they are worth investigating if you want to bring out the feminine side of

your nature.

1. Mens Leather Shoes

We know most of us like sneakers. but leather dress shoes are still in for 2011. Every man has to wear shoes at least to the office, and now for 2011 there are beautiful classic men’s oxford shoes from top fashion houses, which are designed to be both stylish and comfortable. There are leather low-tops trainers from sportswear companies such as Puma, and is you check out the range of shoes in leather or suede online which are designed by the top fashion houses, you will see what there is on offer. If you can’t afford their prices then at least you will have an idea of what is fashionable and be able to look for cheaper deals on your high street or in your shopping mall.


2. Mens Leather Sandals

For summer, gladiator sandal is the hottest sandal design and Dior Homme have come up with gladiator sandals with cotton socks for those who just can’t go without socks. They retail at ₤530 and are made from the best leather.

3. Mens Leather Belts

There are a whole host of leather belts to choose from and they come in a range of styles and colors. There are some very stylish belts with purses which may be the answer if you don’t have pockets and don’t want to carry a bag.

4. Leather Bags for Men

Apart from the colorful ones already mentioned there are the satchel bags for men which are generally made from cowhide. These are stylish versions of the old school satchel and are worn over one shoulder. They are minimal understated designs with two buckles and inside zips to secure your possessions. These leather satchel bags are designed to use instead of the traditional briefcase and make a lot of sense given that you

have your hands free to carry a mobile device if you don’t want to put it in your satchel bag. 

5. Tri-fold Leather Wallets

Finally, there are the tri-fold wallets in leather for your money, credit cards, ID cards and photos; the classic men’s accessory.

What else? Share with us your top chic leather accessories for 2011.  

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fashion Community: Hackett London to Help Victims of Japan's Tsunami

As part of efforts to support Japan, Hackett has launched a limited edition polo shirt to help the victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, with all profits being donated to The Japan Society "Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund".

The polo shirt has been designed with traditional Japanese embroidery of the cherry blossom which is an emblem of love and affection. The declaration of ‘Hope’ is stitched on the polo in English and Japanese characters, highlighting the belief in a positive outcome from such a disastrous and tragic act of nature.

The polo shirt will be available in store and online from the end of April, with the option to pre- order in Hackett stores worldwide or you can register yourself here.

The Chunky Black Turban

Buy Jewellery for your Love One at Bargain Price?

There are many online sites which sell designer jewellery to the individual customer and to retailers. You can shop on online sites that advertise themselves as wholesale designer jewellery suppliers, even though you may not want to buy a lot of wholesale jewellery. You can always check out reputable sites and look for the type of designer jewellery that you like; there are sites which specialize in Italian glass jewellery, or Austrian crystal, those that specialize in Tiffany or designer jewellery and those that sell antique-style jewellery with stones such as marquisite featuring in the items to give them the Victorian look.

If you have a retail site or a traditional shop or stall in a market, then this is a very cheap way of buying stock. Alternatively you might just want to buy items for yourself and friends and family, and sites allow you to do this, although you should remember that the more you buy, the cheaper it will be.

Some sites sell jewellery from Thailand and China and these are probably the cheapest online sites. However you can get gold and diamond jewellery items including anklets, toe rings, body jewellery for piercings, whatever you want is out there. All you have to do is go through the online catalogues and put items in your shopping basket or cart.

When you get to the checkout your purchases will be calculated and you will be asked for contact details and your preferred payment method. You can choose to pay through PayPal or any other online method or take advantage of drop shipping services.

Drop shipping is a way of protecting your payment; you deposit money in a third party account and this is released when you receive your goods. You should consider which way you would like to pay and only give out your details on sites which are secure. This is shown in the bottom right hand corner, usually and the symbol to look for is the lock.

Shopping online is now more secure than it used to be so you can be fairly comfortable about not being ripped off. Take a look at some of the sites that offer wholesale jewellery and pick up some real bargains.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Man Fashion: 5 Simple Ways to Choose the Right T-Shirts

It’s mens fashion T-shirt time again, but before you dash out and buy any of mens fashion T-shits, consider what to look for in choosing them. They are very versatile and durable if you choose wisely, and it is better to pay a little more so that the T-shirts you buy will last the whole season at least.

  1. First of all, check that the color suits you, or if you are buying for a man, then think about the colors that suit him rather than the ones you like. If he has auburn hair, he might not look good in a flame red T-shirt, for example. 

  2. You should also consider the color from the point of view of its color fast properties. Do a small test by wetting a finger and rubbing it on the T-shirt. If the color comes off onto your finger, it will lose its color rapidly and will always have to be washed separately by hand. If it accidentally gets into the washing machine then you will have a minor disaster on your hands. You could not test this if you buy from online store, but you can rely on reputable brands.

  3. Buy colors that reflect the heat rather than those which absorb it, so white is a good choice and pastel shades, beige or pistachio green, not black or dark blue. You don’t want to be any hotter than is necessary. 

  4. Check the stitching to see how firm it is. If it looks flimsy, then you will have a repair job to do after wearing and washing the T-shirt a couple of times. 

  5. Last and most importantly, is to try it on and raise your arms above your head.

If the T-shirt rides up and leaves a vast expanse of flesh between it and the belt- line, then you need a bigger size. If you have swathes of material bunched around your waist, when you do this, then clearly it’s too big, unless you want a really baggy mens fashion T-shirt.

Of course there are always rugby shirts and tank-tops for men, although the former is usually made from thicker cotton than the T-shirt, and the tank-top doesn’t suit everyone, and it doesn’t protect the vulnerable skin at the top of your arms and shoulders. Mens fashion T-shirts are the better bet as they don’t go out of fashion and are easy to wear.

Let me just fix my hair

Why? It's perfect! 

Loving the chunky scarf and oversized blazer over a cardigan. Did you guys see the other photos of her here?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photos of Rue Montorgueil

My neighborhood is the best place to live in Paris, Quatier Montorgueil is so full of many little surprises that I'm too "busy" to notice.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Protect Your Neck

Fur neck collars kind of creep me out. But this guy had one that was a shield from the windy and cold Parisian day.  It looked like it still belonged on an animal it looked so real.  

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunglasses makes you look instantly cool

Doesn't it? If Sometimes all you need to do to look glamourous is put some shades on and put on a smile.  Cat eye sunglasses seem to making a comeback - my friend twetted me one she found on E-Bay, which is in my opinion the best place to find vintage sunglasses at bargin prices.

For more high end design Cutler and Gross has a gamut of selection that will not leave you dissatisfied. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Trend Alert: Leopard Coat + Bright Color Clutch

There is no denying that this year is the year of color. Bright green is the new black. Take a note from these stylish ladies during Paris Fashion Week. The eponymous Celine clutch was everywhere, in bright orange, bright blue and here in bright green. 

This oversized red clutch is from Zara, and it is so pretty, sexily held on a gold chain strap. 
Clutch handbags are both practical and fashionable.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Oversized Denim Jumpsuit + Chunky Cardigan

How is it that some women can look so effortlessly cool in nothing but jeans? Here's to all the lovely people who's confidence exudes through the casual comfort of denim and some killer shades.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Cambridge Satchel Company

These rectangular leather satchels look like the perfect companion for a stack of papers for the office or your laptop. They were everywhere during Paris Fashion Week, so many photographers had one. Here we have a black one, but I hope to post some different colors over the next couple of days from the Cambridge Satchel Company


Friday, March 18, 2011

The Gold Fringe Coat

Rue Royale is used to seeing it's share of bling bling being so close to Rue St.Honore where the high end luxury boutiques lineup.  This woman had no reservation about bringing the brilliance in an all black look with a bright Moschino Gold peccary leather fringe coat. A quick photo snapped on the fly. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Miss Pandora's Hair bow

The gold headband that stole the show, as seen on Miss Pandora during Paris Fashion Week. In the height of the big color trend come-back. Outside Théâtre du Gymnase Marie Bell, 38 boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, 75010 Paris. 

Suzie Bubble Being Blown in the Wind

The always daring Susie Bubble in another questionable yet adorable outfit - Silk pants, fur vest, denim shirt and a blue mulberry bag, captured outside Grand Palais Paris during PFW.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Red heels + Chunky Knit Scarf + Black Blazer + Clutch Bag + Cat eye sunglasses

Paris Fashion week photos outside Grand Palais
1 Avenue Géneral Eisenhower
75008 Paris, France
01 44 13 17 3

Loving the touch of color with the red heels. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

tattooing portraits

I did this tattoo a little bit ago. The Hat was a lot of fun to tattoo,

I did this tattoo a little bit ago. The Hat was a lot of fun to tattoo,

People are doing tattooed portraits for ages. But tattoo fashion is changing

People are doing tattooed portraits for ages. But tattoo fashion is changing

 Back Tattoo - Native American Portraits

Back Tattoo - Native Americ`n Portraits

Tattoo portrait of Boom Boom blues man John Lee Hooker

Tattoo portrait of Boom Boom blues man John Lee Hooker

I am thinking of getting a portrait and was wondering who's the best at

I am thinking of getting a portrait and was wondering who's the best at

Tattooed Portraits - New Paintings by Shawn Barber

Tattooed Portraits - New Paintings by Shawn Barber

Keyword Galleries: Color Tattoos, Portrait Tattoos, Evil Tattoos,

Keyword Galleries: Color Tattoos, Portrait Tattoos, Evil Tattoos,

tattooing portraits

tattooing portraits

Nikko Hurtado Tattooing Portraits DVD £59.99. Tattoo Portrait

Nikko Hurtado Tattooing Portraits DVD £59.99. Tattoo Portrait

Tattoo Portrait “Portrait of the Artist Corey Miller”

Tattoo Portrait “Portrait of the Artist Corey Miller”

Body art: Jason Brooks's portrait of tattoo artist Zoe Windle

Body art: Jason Brooks's portrait of tattoo artist Zoe Windle

Tattoo portraits | Austin, TX | January, 2008 - March, 2008.

Tattoo portraits | Austin, TX | January, 2008 - March, 2008.

Photographer Vinnie Amesse made portraits of 55 people with tattoos inspired

Photographer Vinnie Amesse made portraits of 55 people with tattoos inspired

Gnomon Workshop - Tattooing Portraits with Nikko Hurtado. mORE iNFO

Gnomon Workshop - Tattooing Portraits with Nikko Hurtado. mORE iNFO

I've been a fan of Shawn's Tattooed Portrait series since he began it in

I've been a fan of Shawn's Tattooed Portrait series since he began it in

Tattooed Portraits

Tattooed Portraits

 tattoo pictures for men like flowers and fairies like for females,

tattoo pictures for men like flowers and fairies like for females,

shawn-barber-tattooed-portraits-snapshots-recap. Source: Arrested Motion

shawn-barber-tattooed-portraits-snapshots-recap. Source: Arrested Motion

Helpful Tips In Tattooing Portraits2

Helpful Tips In Tattooing Portraits2