Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Meaning of Angel Wing Tattoos

The Meaning of Angel Wing Tattoos
The Meaning of Angel Wing Tattoos
With the rise in popularity of angel wing tattoos, it leaves many people wondering about the meaning behind these popular wings that are used in a variety of designs and most often placed on the back of the body. What is the meaning behind these tattoos and where can the origins of the angel wing tattoos be found within the history of tattooing?

The meaning of the angel wing tattoos are pretty straight forward and include the individual being able reach new heights in their life through the use of these wings which have come from the back. Although real angels are not depicted having wings in the bible, there are many other publications in the form of books and movies whic
h have made these types of tattoos increasingly popular throughout pop culture.

Other people have decided to get the angel wings to establish their wish to do good within their life and their wish to good within their soul. These types of tattoos are often used to portray a goodness in which the individual feels emanates from the body. It is a very personal tattoo choice and therefore can be seen in a variety of instances. While choosing the angel wing tattoos, there are also many people who have chosen to get the angel wing tattoos as they have lost someone special to them, symbolizing the presence of a guardian angel.

Larger angel wing tattoos are often seen on the back and can reach from above the shoulder blades all of the way to the lower back. There are often smaller versions which can be placed on the upper back, as well as other parts of the body – which are not as popular as the larger versions.

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