Wednesday, June 29, 2011

gold Pendant exclusive - Our #1 BEST SELLER. HAVE NO SUBSTITUTE !! FROM SICILIA HEAVY Classic Original Style. This is a must have piece made in Sicily by a Sicilian goldsmith who puts his signature spin on this Hypnotic pendant - Rendered in dimensional detail-(TM) "SOLID" DUAL IMAGE [front & back] Rare Sicilian Traditional Trinacria Symbol Pendant w/3D effect, w/fine detail provides sturdiness and durability. Made to order in "SOLID" 18kt Gold Sicilian gift from the Sicilian flag in Sicily, simply the finest, ensuring the piece will outlast their hollow counterparts. Trinacria amulet charm, Trinacria medal, Trinacria symbol of Sicily, Trinacria jewelry.The shape of Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean. The Greeks call it Trinakrias, "star with 3 points". 18 karat gold 11gr @ 22mm (round) This striking Italian pendant will be a constant reminder of your Sicilian heritage. Price: $999.00 s/h

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