Friday, July 1, 2011

Ladies Silver Earrings

Ladies Silver Open Twisted Drop Earrings With Hanging
Pink Quartz Stone
Jewellery Information
Metal Silver
Gem type Quartz
Height 40 mm
Width 10mm
Total metal weight 2.3grams
These are gorgeous. Simple design but absolutely gorgeous.
If you like drop style earrings these are the ones to have.
Well priced and fantastic quality.
Elements Sterling Silver Ladies E3065W White Freshwater Pear
Elements Sterling Silver Ladies E3065W White Freshwater Pearl
Stud Earrings
Brand Element
metal stamp 225 sterling sliver
metal sliver
Gem type pearl
length 7mm
total metal weigth 1grams

Very very nice little pearl studs. Bought them as a christmas
presesnt for someone and they love them. There is nothing
better than these at this price range. very quick delivery too.
Silver Ladies Marcasite Amethyst Heart Earrings
Jewellery Information
Metal Silver
gem type Amethyst,marcasite
Height 25mm
Width 12mm
total metal weight 2.4grams
These earrings are lovely and so cheap.Great value for money
These earrings are beautiful!! The packaging is excellent and
the earrings are great quality! Buy them!!
Silver Ladies Abalone Dropper Earrings Jewellery Information
Metal Silver
Gem type Abalone
Height 4cm
Width 11mm
Total metal weigth 3.7grams
The earrings are a greeny blue colour, but as they are so
shimmery Ladies dose not need to worry about wearing them
only to co-ordinate with green or blue clothes; I'm sure they
would look lovely with most colours.

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