Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Silver Jewelry - Lustrous, Elegant And Stylish

Since ancient times, Jewelry, has been an element of fascination for woman. Precious gold and platinum jewelry has always been the choice of elite class people. But, gone are the days when people use to prefer investing in gold & platinum jewelry. With rapid changing fashion trends, Silver Jewelry with mesmerizing designs is gaining big popularity across the globe. It is lustrous, elegant, stylish and affordable in comparison to other metal jewelry. Silver is sturdy and supports a wide spectrum of designs, be it contemporary daily wear or traditional, heavy jewelry. Owing to the plus factors these are extensively popular amongst celebrities, teenager and old & young ladies.

Silver Jewelry is beautiful, timeless and compliments both women and men at the same time. The strength, quality and durability make these resistant to wear and ideal for everyday use. The unmatched quality also allows craftsmen and jewelry designers to carve fine, eye-catching and intricate designs. Silver Jewelry is acclaimed in domestic & International market since it matches a working person's wardrobe, complements majority of peoples' skin color and can be comfortably worn on everyday basis. Enchanting silver armlets, pendants, rings, bracelets, chokers, anklets, earrings, tops and necklaces made in silver can be teamed up with Indian & western attires in office, parties, functions and other special occasions. It has it's own charm and it can add glitter, charm & glam to one's dressing style.

The magnificence and visual appeal makes these priceless. Abalone silver jewelry, Amber, Pearl, Silver gemstone Jewelry and Turquoise silver jewelry add an essence of style and uniqueness to the range of silver ornaments. Pure Silver Jewelry, German, Oxidized and Sterling Silver Jewelry are some of the other varieties available in the market now a days. It consists 92.5% silver and 7.5% of copper is sturdier than any other metal jewelry and can be ornamented and adorned with different stones, rocks & pearls in order to accentuate their distinctive grace. It is an amalgamation of modernity and tradition into one which enhances the elegance & class of people from all age groups & gender. Another variety is Sterling Silver Diamond Jewelry which is expensive but immensely stunning & matches with all attires.

German or Nickel Silver Jewelry is another fashionable and best-selling in this category. These are designed and carved from a whitish silver alloy that consists of copper, zinc, lead, tin and nickel. It's hardness, endurance and resistance to wear & corrosion makes it the primary choice of craftsmen to make jewelry.


Out of so many choices to buy jewelry, why should one pick? The reasons are enlisted below:

    High in fashion appeal
    Available in traditional & modern designs and patterns
    Require less maintenance
    Lasts for a long time

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