Friday, March 19, 2010


Right from the very day of the invention, foot-wears had undergone revolutionary changes and today, we have foot-wears available in numerous designs, and shapes. A trendy shoes serves as the right platform for your style and fashion. different designs, various materials, mind blowing shapes... the world of foot-wears is always amazing and fascinating to all the fashion lovers.

Instead of using the same stuff over long periods, people prefer to change styles frequently and of course matching to themes of occasions and dressing styles. Fish tank platform shoes, a latest design but resembles the style of 70's disco costume, is the recent add on to the list of attention inviting foot-wear styles.

As the name mentions, fish tank platform shoes has a platform designed as a fish tank which has fishes swimming in it, though not real and alive. It has artificial plants too in it to make the scene perfect. The Tank, made of transparent materials resembles a real fish tank with few fishes in it.

The shoes are adorned with different shades like zebra skin design, cheetah texture design etc... The shoes comes with high quality leather materials. Features include side strap, black sole, faux leather etc...

The fish tank shoes makes a great accessory to your halloween costume. A great party wear, the model has immense popularity among teens and party folks.

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