Saturday, March 20, 2010

Double Denim!

Not being a total jeans-fanatic I'm not sure about this one, but thought I'd put it up as its a classic case of trickle down trends!
Gorgeous girls were seen top-to-toe in denim modelling collections by Ralph Lauren and Chloe for their Spring/Summer 2010 collections.

Seeing double! (Denim I mean)

And now H&M have released an entire campaign of denim called "The Blues". Jeans are a big deal, i guess it never goes out of style, but this summer, double denim (thats wearing denim all over!) seems to be making its mark.

H&M campaign "The Blues"

This tunic from H&M is only £5.99 and I do actually REALLY like this short sleeve denim shirt... its only £7.99! maybe this trend will be a grower for me!

To get this look make sure you pick up a pair of jeans of "Jeggings" to wear with!
For a summer look role the bottoms of you favourite skinnies and team with pumps or flip flops.

So this season we've seen another look make its way from the catwalk onto the good-old high street. But I'm sure even the best designers have to be inspired by something...

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

C'est la vie I guess!

Lots of love,
Claire x

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