Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cheap Vintage?!

With vintage clothing getting more and more popular and people craving individuality you cannot blame vintage shops for charging, sometimes, extortionate prices. When you think about it, why should someone else's old stuff cost SO much!?

Anti-commercial, anti-trend, anti-fashion is FASHIONABLE! But surely this ecological way of dressing could be more economical.

Well my loves, IT IS! At the East End Thrift Store it is anyway!
Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the usual vintage haunts of Brick Lane and Spitalfields this store stands alone in an alley off the Mile End Road.

You have to go further out to get to it and you'll definately need a map, Stepney Green is the closest tube. If you hit Cookies & Cream ice cream parlour you've gone too far.

Downstairs is a mish-mash of vintage/retro jumble with some real bobby dazzlers hiding in amongst everything. There is so much stuff but at the low prices they charge you can forgive them for expecting you to rummage through it all like you're never going to be able to buy clothes again!

Upstairs is another story. Light, airy, almost boutique like. Everything is neatly hung and categorised. prices are slightly higher but there's not much over £60.

The verdict... if you're a keen vintage-aholic then don't give this one a miss! It is a hidden treasure (or was!- I was in two minds whether to tell you all about it at all!!!).
You're lucky I'm giving you a link to their website! www.theeastendthriftstore.com.

Love Claire xx

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