Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oi Cheeky!

I spend so long making it look like I have spent minimal time on my makeup! I use alot but that doesn't mean it can't look natural!

One of my favourite things to use a cheek and lip stain.
I have used Benetint by Benefit cosmetics but me being me I always manage to spill it, resulting in Spending another £22.50!

It's alot of money to keep spilling and stainging the carpet with!
So I was in Superdrug the other week getting the usual bare neccessities and I see this...

Hmmm... looks like Benetint... Smells like Benetint... but why is it only £3.99?
So i decide to spend the money to find out why, and here it is.
IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME! Ok, so it may not last hours like Benetint but for that price I can live with that.
Benefit will always have a place in my heart and on my face but in this case I give Me Me Me's Pussy Cat the thumbs up!

Don't believe me? then give it a while, what the hell- it's less than £4!

Love Claire x

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