Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sarah Harding knows how to do cheap chic...

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has been spotted wearing a lovely anchor necklace on more than one occasion. The necklace in question is by Me & Zena.

Nice necklace Sarah!!

As she has been wearing her blue anchor so much, jewellery designer Zena McKeown has made an exclusive version for Sarah.

The anchor necklace in cream and gold has Sarah’s name inscribed on it and for that extra wow factor, a diamond was placed in the centre of the design.

Zena said “I wanted to create Sarah an exclusive necklace as she has been spotted wearing my jewellery brand, ‘Me & Zena’ loads. I loved that she wore my designs. For the first time, I worked with gold and a special cut diamond to create a truly special piece. The necklace is worth over £500. My most expensive design ever.”

If however you don't have £500 then why not visit the Me & Zena website, and get the original ‘Take Me Down’ anchor necklace which is available in cream or navy.

Zena also creates lots of other kitsch and cute pieces including earrings and bracelets and it's all dead CHEAP! (so enjoy!).

Love Claire x

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